Panasonic KV-S1026C and KV-S1015C Scanners for Personal and Business Use

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Panasonic has recently announced its latest personal document scanners called KV-S1026C and KV-S1015C. Both Scanner is a compact color duplex scanner that capable of to scan up to 2,000 pages a day. They are ideal for small and medium business users that looking to achieve a paperless office or digital filing system.


The KV-S1015C scanner is designed specifically for small or home office. It’s come in very compact design and promise to deliver high quality images up to 600 dpi combined with a complete software solutions package that allows SMBs to easily scan and store data in the cloud. It also has Presto! PageManager 9 that allows you to see your entire file organization structure, from the overall picture to the smallest detail, and Presto! BizCard 6 software enables end users to organize business cards, with the ability to extract contact data and export it to major email clients.


The KV-S1026C scanner is aimed to meet more specific business needs within the healthcare and banking, for example in receptions for administration purposes. This new scanner offers an abundance of unique features, includes “Double Feed Skip” button that allows double feeds to enable the scanning of documents such as envelopes and pages with sticky notes.


The KV-S1015C Workgroup scanner offer scanning speed of 20 pages per minutes, whilst KV-S1026C scanner scanning at a speed of up to 30 pages per minute in black and white and 20 pages per minute in color. Both KV-S1026C and KV-S1015C scanners are easy to operate, they come with three buttons on the top panel, that allowed you to send scanned data easily and directly to pre-registered address on a PC or cloud with simply press on the button.

The KV-S1026C and KV-S1015C scanners available through authorized resellers with price at MSRP of $595 and $495, respectively.

[ Via Panasonic ]