Pedalite Baglite Solar Powered Light

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Pedalite Baglite Solar Powered Light is a lightweight and comfortable super bright LEDs light that comes in a unique and innovative design. This solar powered light is maintenance free product, just fit and forget it. The Pedalite Baglite can be recharged from natural light (sunlight) or artificial light (man made lighting such as compact fluorescent, fluorescent, halogen, mercury vapor, tungsten, and more).


When on fully charge condition, Pedalite Baglite Solar Powered Light can provide more than 6 hours of strong flashing light. It is ideal for cyclists to attached to their backpack to give them more visible and safe while on the road. It’s also suitable for attaching to your child’s backpack to add visibility when he/she was walking to or from school. Thanks to its Hi visibility reflective strips. The LEDs can be set in constant or flashing modes.

If you need one to use it yourself or for your children, you can buy it from for $40.99.