Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced Consumer Drone

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DJI the China technology company that create flying vision devices, today have announced their latest version
of their consumer drone called Phantom 3. This new flying device will be available in two variants; Phantom 3
Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced.

Phantom-3-Professional Consumer Drone


The Phantom 3 Professional can shoot 4K video, while the Phantom 3 Advanced is capable of shooting Full HD
Video, and both of them can take 12 megapixel photos. This new milestone in aerial innovation provides greater
control and creative options from the sky.

Both model has uses company’s strongest professional features. They are equipped with Dji’s innovative Visual
positioning system. According to Dji, Phantom 3 can hold their positioning indoors without GPS and can easily
take off and land with just push of a button.

Phantom-3-Advanced Consumer Drone


Their latest drone also comes with Dji Lightbridge technology that enable the device complete control at up to
1.2 miles or around 2km away. This mean that the pilots can see what the Phantom 3 camera is seeing (in HD/720p)
with almost no latency.

“In developing the next generation Phantom, DJI remained committed to providing a top tier flight experience in one easy-to-use platform,” said DJI CEO Frank Wang. “We pride ourselves in creating a flying camera that fits in a backpack and can be ready to take professional quality videos from the sky in less than a minute.”

“Pilots, whether they are journalists, extreme athletes, or global travelers – will not just be able to share aerial videos of where they were, but will also be able to send a YouTube link to their friends and colleagues to show them the aerial perspectives of where they are right now,” said DJI’s San Francisco General Manager Eric Cheng. “This has tremendous potential for changing the way we share experiences with one another.”

The DJI Phantom 3 will be sold with price starting at $1,000 for the advanced model while the Professional version will start at $1,260. More details information can be digg at