Pioneer Release Potter-Navi SGX-CN700 Portable 3G GPS Navigation System

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Pioneer has released its latest 3G GPS navigation system called Potter-Navi SGX-CN700. This new GPS navigation system is designed for bike riders. It comes with a 2.4-inch color LCD display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and GPS to guide the casual rider around the local neighborhood.


The Potter-Navi SGX-CN700 tracking your current location with linking depature point and destination point. It will show you a circle on the map to inform movable distance after setting the pottering time. This navigation device features pop-up mode to search the neighborhoods such as stores, the sights, parks and restrooms in real time, M mode set items to display signs, marks and graphics for your customized use. It also has a diet mode to help you find out an ideal cadence for the proper exercise.


“Potter-Navi is a completely new style of navigation, tailored to cyclists to provide new ways to enjoy cycling,” says Junichi Usui, Project Leader, Cycle Project with Pioneer. “Traditional cycling computers store performance data during the ride and then have to be plugged into a home computer later to upload that data; but with Potter-Navi, the data from the ANT+ sensors is automatically immediately uploaded via the 3G link, so when the rider gets home, their information is instantly available from the website.”

Other features of Potter-Navi SGX-CN700 3G GPS navigation system includes 5keys, and a tilt scroll provide you an easier operating interface while you potter, the device allowed you to connect to the web service and share your route information, and it is a dust and water resistance device for use in most activities. It offers up to 10 hours of operating time.  The Potter-Navi SGX-CN700 available in two-color option, black and white.

[ Via Pioneer ]