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Don’t Fall for Pokémon Malware

Google Removed a Handful Of Malicious Fake Pokémon Apps During the past weekend. It is another example of developers creating bootleg apps to take advantage of people caught up in the latest craze—and a reminder that you should play it safe when downloading apps. wsj.com

This Pokemon Scanner Shows What’s Around You Right Now

It requires you to go out and hunt down Pokemon for you to catch and expand your collection. Think of it like old-school bug collecting, but better in every single way. m2now.co.nz

Fake Pokémon Go app on Google Play infects phones with screenlocker

“Pokemon Go Ultimate” requires battery removal or Device Manager to be uninstalled. arstechnica.com

Pokémon GO’s McDonald’s Partnership Points To A Promising Business Model

The game was meant to launch in Japan today, but is now delayed after an internal e-mail from McDonalds Japan made its way onto a Japanese image board. forbes.com

Japan McDonald’s Shares Hit 15-Year High on Pokémon Tie-Up

The tie-up will likely prove a blessing for McDonald’s, which has struggled in Japan due to food-safety scandals and an increasingly segmented customer demand. wsj.com