Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept Reveled at Paris Auto Show 2012

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Porsche has recently shown their latest four-door sports car concept, the Panamera Sport Turismo Concept at Paris Auto Show last week. The Sport Turismo is still a concept. However, the concept is supposed to preview a possible Porsche sports car of tomorrow, it means that most of the features of sport turismo concept can be found on their upcoming models.

Panamera Sport Turismo Concept comes with more sculpted front end than standard Panamera. It has sharp creases on the bonnet, reshaped headlights and much larger grille. In the dash, you only can find a fewer buttons and a new LCD screen, which replaces the traditional dials in the current car.


Panamera Sport Turismo Concept features a new bodywork that they called ‘e-hybrid’ powertrain. Which is a plug-in version of their hybrid system that used in the Panamera and Caynnee Hybrid models. However, it comes with additional power. The power combines a 95hp electric motor with a 333hp supercharged V6 engine that offers zero to 100 kmph (62mph) in less than six seconds.

Panamera Sport Turismo Concept can be driven in pure electric mode up to a speed of 130 kmph (80 mph) with travel distances over 30 km or around 18 miles. The lithium-ion battery, located under the electrochromatic glass boot floor can be fully charged (takes about 2.5 hours) via a household electric outlet using a universal charger (AC).

[ Via Autoblog ]