Premier Kids CyberNet Station All-in-one Desktop PC for Children

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Kid Computer has introduced a new All-in-one desktop PC, the Premier Kids CyberNet Station. This All-in-one desktop PC is designed for children or students. The  All-In-One PC package already includes everything you could need for your children’s friendly computer. Running a program is as simple as touching the icon on the screen or clicking the mouse.

The Premier Kids CyberNet Station comes with 19-inch touchscreen, its powered by an Intel Pentium dual core E5200 processor, Realtek’s HD audio, 4GB of RAM, an Intel GMA 3100 3D enhanced graphics card, a 500GB hard drive and DVD SuperMulti burner.

The Premier Kids CyberNet Station also has a HDMI port, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and Supports Wi-Fi. This All-in-one Desktop PC available in three packages, early learning package, elementary package, Middle & High School package. All these package come in one price at $1,999.

[ Via techfresh ]