Progressive International Compact Egg Slicer

In Kitchen Gadgets


If you are tired of chopping soft foods such as eggs, strawberries, and mushrooms piece by piece. There is a solution for you, the Egg Slicer from Progressive International. It is a device that allowed you to cut most of soft foods easily. This slicer comes with three different slicing discs that enable you to slice, wedge, and half eggs all can be done with one kitchen tool. To use this slicer, just place the food in center of base and select one slicer plate and press it, that’s all you have to do. 



Progressive Egg Slicer comes in a compact design that easily stored into your drawer. This dishwasher-safe device made of materials that consists of such as ABS, TPE and Stainless steel. The Egg slicer available in three-color option, Orange, White, and Yellow.

If you need one, you can buy it at for only $16.