Protect your self from Swine Flu With Japanese Fashion Face Mask

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Swine flu now already attack most countries in our world such America, Europe, and now Asia.  Its seem the swine flu quick enough to spread all over the world. According to medical report, swine flu spread among human trough : eye, nose and mouth. This three part is human sensitive part and also always contact with our out side world.

For this reason we must act first to protect our self from swine flu attack. Do you know the easy way for swine flu spread to us?  It’s trough our mouth and nose. So I suggest for this time avoid to kissing your friends, especially your boy or girl friend … lol  ..  can you?  Its just a joke…. : )

The better way is to protect our self, and Face Mask is a basic solution to protect our self. Yes, sometimes we will look silly to wear this Face Mask but do you know we will looking more silly if we are spreaded by this “swine” flu.

Japanese have made a Fashion Face Mask if you wear this mask you will not look silly again but you will looking cute and cool. Its cost you $70.00 per piece

[ Via japantrendshop ]