Puritalia 427 2-seater Roadster First Image Released

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Puritalia has released its first image of their upcoming 2-seater roadster, the Puritalia 427. According to the company, their car is inspired by the classic body shapes of the iconic 1965 Shelby Cobra. They also said their upcoming 427 roadster will be updated with modern style and enhanced by the distinctive Italian design fingerprint.


Puritalia 427 2-seater roadster comes with a prestigious background, designed to offer their drivers the best driving experience with a great level of comfort on daily driving use. Puritalia Automobil is known with their exclusive Italian sport cars, which are designed for purist their users and car enthusiasts. Their cars are handmade in limited series with leveraging Italian traditional craftsmanship skills.


Puritalia 427 2-seater roadster will be officially presented in the next year and will be available in limited edition through direct factory orders and a selected network of international dealers. It will be produced for only 100 units around the world. Unfortunately, no word on pricing for now. [ Press release ]

[ Via Puritalia ]