QQ-tech Noosy Two-in-One SIM Card Cutter

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If you have difficulty in cutting regular SIM card into a Micro SIM Card or cut your Micro SIM Card into a Mini SIM Card. You can do it all with the help of Noosy Nano Sim Cutter Micro Sim Card Cutter. With this device, your Sim Card (which used for iPhone 3G, 3GS, and other phone) now you can be cut into the Micro SIM card for use with your iPad or iPhone 4. If you want to turn your Micro SIM Card into Nano SIM (for your iPhone 5) you can also do it with this cutter. With Nossy two-in-One SIM Card Cutter, all these processes will be done quickly and easily. You can view the process of cutting your regular SIM Card into Micro SIM Card (not two-in-one version) at the following video after a break.


The Noosy Nano Sim Cutter Micro Sim Card Cutter All in One for iPhone 5, iPhone 4, 4S and other phones from QQ-tech will be released next month. However, you can pre-order this two-in-one SIM card cutter at Amazon.com for $35.99.