Renault Develops Renault Twizy Electric Vehicle for European Market

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Renault, the French automaker has developed a new Electric Car called Renault Twizy and recently this new electric vehicle has been tested out by Anthony Ingram at Green Car Reports. The Twizy is designed for urban users and in terms of horsepower, it can be divided into two types, the 5.3 and 17 horsepower electric motor.

The basic Twizy known as the Twizy 45 that powered by a 5.3 horsepower motor, and it can reach a maximum speed up to 28 mph. This Twizy 45 electric vehicle can be driven by 16 years-old drivers with no required a driving license. While the other Twizys are powered by a 17 horsepower motor and can reach a maximum speed up to 50 mph. This type comes in three trim levels, Urban, color, and Technic. The Technic comes with alloy wheels and UV-filtering grass roof.



The basic Twizy prices starting at $9,150 while the 17 horsepower Twizy starts at $10,000 to $11,100 for the top-spec Technic. What makes this vehicle a bit strange are a $65 a month of battery rental (it doesn’t have its own battery?). The Twizy EV only available in European countries. Unfortunately, there is no plan for US market.


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