Ride a Light Cycle with Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights

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If you are riding a bicycle, especially at night time, having a light on your bicycle is important. With a light at your bicycle, it can attract attention from motorcycle and car driver. Which means besides lighting your way it also functions as a safety device to aid visibility to prevent unexpected accidents.


Thanks to Mathmos bike wheel lights, with this additional lamp add to your bicycle wheel it can light up your wheels like the TRON Legacy Light Cycle. It is easy to use. As simple as just screw it directly onto your wheel valves, and you are ready for action. The Mathmos bike wheel lights are using high-quality LEDs with motion sensors, which will only light up when the wheels are in motion.


Mathmos bike wheel lights currently available from Red5 in two-color options, multi-colored and white. It sold for £9.95, or €12.29 or about $16.14.