Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-Inch Tablet Teaser Photo

In Computer

It seems Samsung is going to launch the 10-inch of Galaxy Tab Tablet PC, a tablet which has been rumored to be the next gen of the 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet PC.


This is the photo taken from the FPD International Green Device 2010 trade-show in China. This 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch tablet is not only slimmer, but it’s also lighter thanks to the usage of resin material instead of glass substrate. The screen itself is using Super AMOLED display, which is one of the popular vivid display from Samsung and it supports 1024 x 600 pixels at the moment.

No idea if Samsung is going to make their Galaxy Tab 10-inch tablet a Full HD device or not, but we sure hope that Samsung has that planning in their mind. The picture above is not yet an official device. Perhaps there will be some chances on the actual official Galaxy Tab 10-inch tablet.

[via Wired]