Samsung Introduces UD22B Square Display and NL22B Transparent Display

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Samsung Electronics has back with introducing two latest displays, the UD22B and NL22B. Both display is released to strengthen its B2B display market. The UD22B is 21.6-inch square display with 1:1 screen ratio, which supports unlimited configurations and with 5.5 mm bezel-to-bezel measurement for seamless installation and digital loop out to produce a single image across up to 100 displays.



Samsung NL22B is a 22-inch transparent display, a new kind of modern consumer electronics. Where it is available as an all-in-one showcase which will be able to launch a new era of possibilities in digital retail design. Sporting a thin LCD panel on the front of the transparent display, it enables images and animations to dynamically interact with the merchandise within the showcase, all the while allowing passers-by to view the product without missing a beat.


Samsung Electronics has scheduled to show its latest display at IFA 2012, at Messe Berlin, German, who will be held from August 31st to September 05th, 2012 at hall 20/101. Unfortunately, there are no words on pricing yet [ Press Release ]