Samsung Series 9 Laptop Arrives on Amazon – Pre-Order For $1,149

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Samsung Series 9 laptop which was reported to be available in February is arriving late in the States, but you can now pre-order it at Amazon for a lower price.


It was first reported that this laptop is going to cost $1,200. However, the crazy God of generous Amazon has already slashed down the price and you can actually pre-order it for $1,149. A nice $50 saved if you get it there.


As for the specification, you might have known it from our last post. You will get Intel Core i3-380UM, 2GB RAM, 64GB SD, WiFi-b/g/n Bluetooth 3.0, 5680mAh battery and 11.6-inch display that support 1366 x 768 pixels with 400 nits brightness.

Even the price has been disclosed, the release date is still unknown. Let’s hope it will be just a few weeks of wait.

[via Engadget]