Sanwa Release Sanwa 400-CAM021 3D Viewer

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Sanwa has released its latest product called Sanwa 3D Viewer (400-CAM021) several days ago. This new 3D viewer is designed to pair with your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. With this device, you can enjoy 3D YouTube content on your iPhone in cheap and easy way. It is functioning like the MY3D Viewer from Hasbro. The device sends the left/right images from 3D videos in the side-by-side format (yt3D) to the appropriate eyeball.




Sanwa 3D Viewer measures 40 x 90 x 75 mm and weighs as light as 127g. This 3D Viewer is currently only sold in their home country, Japan, the price of 1,980 Yen or around $25. However, it’s not close the possibility, they would sell it worldwide in the future.

[ Via Sanwa ]