Sesame 2 Keep Your Mac Personal Data Private

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sesame 2

Sesame 2

Password is great for your digital device especially for laptop but if you have a good memory on it, so you don’t need to write it down on your note. However, if you have a difficulty on remember your password, you will need a device to help you.

Thanks to Atama, a company that specialize in designing and manufacturing Connected Device (Appcessories) for smartphone and computer. They have created Sesame 2, a device that not only will help you to remember your computer or laptop password but also protect your data.

With Sesame 2, it is connect to your your computer over Bluetooth, and it will automatically lock when you walk away to prevent anyone from accessing your private information, spreadsheets, e-mails or patient records. And it will unlock when you return, ready for you to continue your work from where you left off.

This smart device also allow you connect it to scripts that perform task like muting the volume or pausing your music when you’re away. It’s also comes with double layer protection option which requires both the Sesame 2 and password for access.

Seasame 2 is a great device for student, businessman, or professionals who need to protect their works and documents.

Price: $39 (if you buy two they give you a special price: $69)

Need one for your Mac laptop or computer?