Shark Navigator Lift-away Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you are looking for a professional vacuum cleaner with an affordable price, you arrive in the right place. Lift-away vacuum indeed a good vacuum, it comes with many beneficial features with a competitive price if you are comparing with other vacuum with the same feature. I hope this review will help you to know more about this vacuum.

The Shark-navigator Lift-away a family of Shark Navigator. It offers No loss of suction power, quieter design, deep cleansing, and complete seal technology. All that capability which can be found on the world best vacuum cleaner in today’s market. Let’s learn more about this product.

Completely Seal System

Do you know? The Shark Navigator lift-away has scientifically proven to reduce exposure to allergens and has been certified by the British Allergy Foundation, according to their test this lift-away vacuum can trap up to 99.99 percent dust and allergens, which on many ordinary vacuum cleaner the dust and allergens escape into the air before even their reach HEPA filter. So, Shark vacuum will be the best option for whom, cares about their family health. Especially if their family member has a respiratory problem such as asthma and bronchitis.

No Loss of Suction

Shark Navigator Lift-away Vacuum is one of the world vacuum cleaner that uses a good suction system that called “No loss of suction technology“, the vacuum uses cyclonic action that spin at high speed to keep dirt and dust away from the filter and keep the the dust and dirt into an extra-large capacity dust cup. Over time, the filter stays cleaner longer, so this vacuum stays in steady suction and airflow. Which means the Vacuum maintains its suction power so you never lose cleaning power and The best thing is the Shark Navigator’s filter system will last the life of your vacuum, with minimal maintenance and zero replacement costs. To ensure maximum suction and performance of your vacuum, you have to remember to rinse your filter every 3 months by tapping to loose dirt off the filters and washing if needed. Attention! If you suffer from allergies, wrap a plastic bag around the dustcup, hold tightly and depress bottom door button through the bag before emptying to minimize exposure to dust and allergens.

Swivel Steering

To help users for easy cleaning, the Shark Navigator vacuum comes with swivel steering that allow you for easy maneuvering around your furniture’s, and also clean and reach under beds and tables easily.

Portable Lift-away Cleaning

The Navigator Lift-Away is the first to bring you No Loss of Suction technology with portability design. It allowed you for quick released the wand and container with a press on an extension wand release button and next press on a release button at the end of the canister. You can lift the canister easily and ready to begin cleaning again. The lightweight detachable canister, even can be carried with one finger. With Short and Extra long crevice tools (24-inch), you can easily access those hard to reach areas such as ceilings, stairs, small and tight spaces. It comes with a premium pet hair Turbo Brush which great for cleaning pet hair.

Superior Deep Carpet and Bare Floor Cleaning

With Shark Navigator Powerful suction technology, it can pick up all the dirt you can see, plus removes the embedded dirt you can’t. This vacuum effectively cleans all types of surfaces, from bare floors to area rugs to the thickest of carpets. It also comes with Dust-away hard floor attachment for one-step, dry floor cleaning system. The vacuum uses a washable microfiber pad that wipes away tiniest dust particles and make your floor cleaner.

Shark navigator lift away features:

  • No loss of suction ( best result )
  • Deep cleaning
  • Lighter and quieter design
  • Removes pet hair
  • Anti-allergy certified
  • Portable Canister mode
  • Swivel steering

Customer reviews:

After I search for the customer review, I found that 90 percent of the customers who had bought this Shark Navigator lift-away are satisfied with  the vacuum. Most of them are given the Shark Vacuum lift-away with five stars, and when I post this review this product don’t have any two or one star yet. What they most satisfy is on its deep cleansing, quieter sound and pet hair remove.

One of the customers said that after he purchased this vacuum the first impression was the device is cheap, lightweight, and small design. According to him when he used it for the first time he has over filling the dust cup, but it still did not lose suction and after three months of vacuuming every weekend the dust cup is finally only about 1/4 full after vacuuming, so he was sure that his carpet is much cleaner than before, and he also noticed that a lot less dust collecting on his end table since using this vacuum.

Conclusion :

  • The Shark Navigator Lift-Away offers a superior cleaning experience with true Never Loses Suction technology in an ultra lightweight and steerable upright vacuum, and at an affordable price.
  • The Shark Navigator Lift-Away features a unique detachable canister and an ultra-quiet system that allows you to clean anywhere, anytime.
  • The Premium tools include an interchangeable hard floor nozzle for large and small particles and a variety of tools that provide superior pet hair pickup.

If you are interested, you can check the price and more customer reviews  at via this link.