Sharper Image Sound Soother White Noise Machine

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Sound Soother White Noise Machine is a device that can stop unwanted noise, giving you a relaxing, noiseless night of sleep. This machine is good for who suffer from sleep deprivation, whether it’s due to a diagnosed condition, because of a partner who snores or induced by stress. Sound Soother White Noise Machine will also be a perfect gift for new parents and for anyone who simply wants to drown out unwanted noise at bedtime.

Sound Soother White Noise Machine comes with twenty soothing nature sounds options that will help you fall asleep, which will increase your sleep quality and as the result you will wake up with more freshers. The twenty luxury digital sounds include Aviary, Brook, City, Dockside, Tide, Everglades, Fireside, Foghorns, Heartbeat, Northwoods, Oceanside, Rain, Rainforest, Roadside, Steam Train, Summer Night, Surf, Thunderstorm, White Noise, and Wind Chimes.


The Sound Soother White Noise Machine has an easy-to-read illuminated LCD with white backlight displays time & sound titles. This white-noise machine also doubles as an alarm clock with dual settings for an additional user and two alarm wake modes: Soothing Sounds or Beep Tone. It’s equipped with two 2.5-Inch speakers, large touchpad controls, and it has a large snooze button, auto-off timer and nap bar (15, 30, 45, 60 minutes), adjustable backlight (high/Med/Low) and automatic reset after power failure and automatic daylight savings time adjustment

If you need one, you can buy it directly from Sharper Image with a price of $49.99.