Smart ThermoFlo Room Heater

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Smart ThermoFlo is a unique heater that solves the messy cable problem with just mounted the heater to your AC outlet, and it is ready to warm your room. ThermoFlo heater is designed for use in a small size room (around 100 square feet). This wall mounted heater come with Patented Smart ThermoFlo technology to keep your room at a constant temperature, and maintain consistent room comfort.

With Smart ThermoFlo heater you can warm your bathroom first before you enter to shower. So you don’t have to hate your cold bathroom again. With wall mount design it save your room space which enables you to place with another device. Other features include automatically synchronizes the fan speed to heat output for more intense heat, raises the temperature of an average sized room to 14 Degree Fahrenheit in just 20 minutes, and save up to 33 percent more energy than other electric heaters.

If you need one to warm your room, you can buy it from Brookstone for $89.99.