SodaStream Jet Starter Kit

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SodaStream the revolutionary home soda maker, that let you turn water into fresh sparkling water and soda in seconds. With this machine, you can enjoy sparkling water and soda in a smarter way. There are no lugging bottles in cans from a store again, and you don’t need a storage space for your sparkling bottles. As the result, you have fewer bottles to recycle or throw away.

The SodaStream is truly earth friendly. It saves the average family over 2,000 bottles and cans each year, which means it helps you in reducing your bottle waste, and the best part is you save money every time you use it.

The benefits of the SodaStream home soda maker, compared to ready made bottled drinks:

  • It provides an endless supply of sparkling water, freshly made from tap water in just a few seconds.
  • No more need to buy, carry or store large quantities of heavy and bulky bottles.
  • A wide variety of flavors are produced by SodaStream.
  • The ability to make sparkling water as strong or as weak as one likes, makes the machine an ideal solution for the family’s entire sparkling beverage needs.


The SodaStream is quick and easy to use, with fill SodaStream BPA free carbonating bottle with cold water, then secure it to your home soda maker, afterward the press carbonating button a few times to add the fizz and flavor and then enjoy your fresh glass of sparkling water. In addition to making fizzy water, SodaStream also offers more than 25 regular, diet, energy and caffeine-free flavors of syrup (sold separately). With SodaStream home soda maker will change the way people consume soft drink around the world forever.

More information about SodaStream home soda maker can be read at, they are selling this product for $79.95.