SONR Labs Android Symphony Dock for Docking Your Android Smartphone

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iPhone users can be easily to find out various speaker docks on the market. If you are Android Smartphone users, you will get a bit difficult to find a suitable speaker dock for your android hone. SONR Labs Android Symphony Dock is the world’s first universal, plug-and-play speaker dock that designed for Android-based Smartphones.

SONR Labs Android Symphony Dock features 2-inch stereo allowed you to enjoy the premium 2.1 stereo sound, a speaker dock for docking your Android smart phone, a universal AC adapter, a remote control, a micro USB and a 3.5mm audio connectors combine to give you a plug-and-play operation with virtually compatible with most of Android Smartphone, and 6 watts of crisp, clear treble, delivered by two high-quality speakers.

SONR Labs Android Symphony Dock also has 10 watts of punchy, booming bass delivered by a subwoofer, and with an innovative cradle, design accommodates “landscape” and “portrait” phone position (even when the phone is in a protective case) and minimizes unsightly wires.

SONR Labs Android Symphony Dock currently available from for $79.99