SONY Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

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Sony dream machine is an alarm clock that functions as a spy camera with built-in DVR. This alarm clock spy camera comes with a sensor for activate the DVR and start recording when a motion is detected. The recorded image or video can be stored at it’s included 8GB SD card. The benefit of using the motion-activated camera is, you don’t have to fast forward hours of uneventful recording.


Sony dream machine comes with Motion Detection Area Masking that allowed you to mask the area that you don’t want recorded by motion camera. After recording you can view the result directly by connecting the included RCA cable to your TV or PC. Other ways insert  the included 8GB SD card into your PC SD card slot.

Sony dream machine is a fully functional alarm clock features motion activated, scheduled recording, motion detection area masking, time and date stamp, capable of to read MPEG4 file format, and it supports composite video out. The DVR offers to record 640 x 480 resolution with 12 Frames per second for eight hours of HD quality video. While in 320 x 240 resolution with 30 frames per second for 16 hours of HD quality video.

Sony dream machine currently sold at for $359.99.