Sony Announces Optical Disc Archive Solutions

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Sony has back with announced its latest generation of optical disc archieve storage system, which schedule to be released in the fall of this year. According to Sony, they also prepare a group of an Optical Disc Archive Advisory to promote the adoption of this new storage format, targeting other manufacturers in related business areas such as storage media, robotics, middleware, and application software for media asset management for the purpose of developing system solutions for media archive applications.

Furthermore, the company said their new system can provide a long-term storage capability and withstand changes in temperature, humidity, and it also dust and water resistance. Their new system also guaranteed intergenerational compatibility and eliminates the need to re-archive copies of past archive data, more user-friendly and long-term storage solution.

According to Sony, they will be releasing various optical disc media in fall 2012 for archive storage solutions into the market which will work well with the “ODS-D55U” drive unit equipped with USB 3.0 interface and storage capacities between 300GB to 1.5TB. Unfortunately, no word on pricing at this moment.

[ Via Sony Press Release ]