Sony Developing a New 3-inch LCD Display With WhiteMagic Technology

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Sony is developing a new 3-inch display which is designed for use in future smartphones. This new display is uses their latest WhiteMagic technology, incorporates with fourth white pixel to improving the entire screen brightness. According to the company, they have been able to develop a module that offers one mode to reduce the power consumption of backlight by around 50 percent, as well as another mode that approximately doubles the brightness to improve outdoor visibility.

This mini high resolution LCD display features a 1.23M-dot full VGA LCD, a RGBW method, and low power mode. Sony has been using a new algorithm for image signal processing, improving the brightness of the screen without any deterioration to the image quality.

Sony WhiteMagic technology also includes Outdoor Mode to improve outdoor visibility of the display by enhancing the display brightness by roughtly double in sunlight, while using the equivalent power consumption of conventional RGB method displays.

The 3-inch LCD display with WhiteMagic technology will be shipped in early October this year with estimate price at 5,000 Yen or about $65.24.

[ Via sony ]