Sony Introduces SRX-R515 Cinema Projector

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Sony has recently introduced their latest cinema projector called SRX-R515. It offers a high Quality 4K digital cinema projection system, which is suitable for use in small or medium-sized screen auditorium. This new projector can produce 4096 x 2160 pixel images or around four times the resolution of 2K and HD.


Sony SRX-R515 Cinema Projector comes with 15,000 ANSI Lumens of brightness that capable of project up to 12 meters wide, and with 5000:1 high-contrast ratio provides more lifelike picture by reducing leaks light and 16:9 native aspect ratio. It also equipped with a unique dual lens system to display 3D movies at their native 2K resolution and  with RearIDor Panavision 3D, technology projects the Left and Right eye images simultaneously to achieve crisp 3D images.

Sony SRX-R515 Cinema Projector features an array of six high pressure mercury lamps for high-quality brightness and improved durability. The system keeps operating with the remaining lamps if one goes out and with the lower lamp, replacement cost will be a right choice for you who want to reduce the overall running costs.

Sony SRX-R515 Cinema Projector has two USB 3.0 ports for network faster speeds, two HDMI ports as an alternative content input, and 4TB storage capacity that can be expanded up to 8TB. Unfortunately, there is no word on availability and releasing date for now. For detail specification, can be viewed at the Sony website at this link.