Sony SRS-V500IP iPod Dock Speaker

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Check out this unique iPod Dock speaker made by Sony. Dubbed as Sony SRS-V500IP, it has a speaker that disguised as a coffee tumbler.

This unique iPod Dock Speaker featuring a Circle Sound stage system that could spread the music equally in full 360 degree.

Which mean it’s pretty good if you can place at the center of your room, each corner could get the exact sound quality without any discrimination at all.

Just at the right side of the speaker tube there is an iPod dock. The speaker tumbler could be removed and placed onto your car’s cup holder too. It makes Sony SRS-V500IP iPod Dock speaker a portable speaker system that you can bring it anywhere.

Sony SRS-V500IP iPod Dock Speaker will cost $239.99 to own one and it’s available in three colors (shown above). If you are interested, you can order one at AudioCubes.