Sony ZSH10CP Heavy Duty CD Radio Boombox

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Looking for a Heavy Duty CD boombox? You may consider ZSH10CP CD Radio Boombox from Sony. It is a rugged Boombox which offers both water and dust resistant. This unit is perfect for backyards, job-site, and workshop. This CD Radio Boombox comes with protective safeguard bar that keeps boombox safe from stacking items and falling debris, and with a high-impact plastic housing which makes it suitable for outdoor fun.


The ZSH10CP has a digital AM/FM stereo tuner to provide accurate, drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations. It also allowed you to choose from the wide variety of radio talk shows and music programs.

Sony ZSH10CP boombox features a CD player with multiple play modes and ESP-2 anti-shock playback protection. This unit has a line-in jack to connect to your digital-music players, so you can listen to your digital-music collection via the boombox. It comes with SonicStage music software, which enables you to compile your own mix CDs.

If you are interested, you can read more information about ZSH10CP CD Radio Boombox at They are currently selling it for $129.95.