Stove-Top Percolator for Strong Coffee Lovers

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Stove-Top Percolator is designed for people who insist on strong coffee. This stainless steel stove-top coffee percolator has no aluminum parts like most others, so nothing affects the robust taste of your coffee. With Stove-Top Percolator, you can brew up to six cups of tasty coffee.

Here is what a customer said after she used this Stove-Top Percolator “I’ve experimented a lot with coffee: drip, French press, electric percolators. For the best taste, it’s got to be a pump-driven espresso machine, or a stove-top percolator With this one, start with the pump tube in the pot, and prepare about 1.4 litres of boiling water, and fill to the 8-cup level. DO NOT add the pump tube after you’ve added the boiling water, because the boiling water can squirt out through the relief vent on the base, causing a SCALDING HAZARD! Add 7 scoops of freshly opened coffee (Do not store coffee in an air-tight container in the fridge; store it in an air-proof container in the freezer: stuff plastic bags into the can, or small glass jar, to displace the air). Next, put the percolator on a ceramic or coil burner, at high for one minute to get the percolation going, and then at low thereafter. The time: 17 minutes!! Yes, to get that really perky taste, that’s how long it takes – no more, no less. If you cover the pot with a tea cozy (made of oven mitt materials) you usually won’t need a microwave for re-heating. Use lots of sugar and 18% MF cream – you’ll enjoy every slurp!

Stove-Top Percolator comes with a heat resistant handle, which is an Injection Molded Phenolic Resin, and a clear plastic knob on Lid. Warning: Allowing the pot to perk dry will cause damage to the black knob. This Stove-Top currently available from for $42.95.