Stromer ST2 The World’s First Digitally Connected e-bike

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Stromer the Swiss e-bikes maker have back with introducing their latest product called “ST2″ This new e-bike offer incomparable range, power, and versatility. It is not only eco-friendly but also stylish and chick as well.

Stomerbike ST2

Stomerbike ST2 high gloss white

The ST2 is the world’s first digitally connected e-bike. This electronic bike comes with Omni, a fully integrated user-interface with real-time telemetrics, GSM, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ability to communicate with and receive directions from smartphones via the Stromer App.

This new digitally connected e-bike come with more compact SYNO Drive motor that not only provides 500W of power, but an enormous 35Nm of torque too. When you ride on it, you will feel how easy to crank on its pedals. It comes as a big relief when the challenges of hills or steep roads lie in your path.

Stromerbike ST2

Stromerbike ST2 matt black

The ST2 can travel up to 150km, thanks to a new Li-Ion battery that puts the ST2 one step ahead of its competitors.

The ST2 is available in Sport and Comfort versions. In the Sport version, the ST2 comes with either a 20 or 17-inch frame. The Comfort version, with its 17-inch frame, is easy to climb onto and off thanks to its lower top tube. Both versions are equipped with 20-speed Shimano gears.

The ST2 is available in high-gloss white or matt black, and fitted with an elegant City Kit tailored exclusively to the requirements of Stromer riders

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