Swan SF21020N Egg Boiler and Poacher – Easter Gift Idea

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If you need a convenient kitchen gadget to cook your eggs with ease, the swan eggs boiler and poacher will be a perfect choise for you.

This eggs boiler can boils up to 7 eggs or poaches.

The swan egg boiler and poacher allow you to set your cooking result, soft, medium or hard.

This device comes with buzzer alert to let you know when your eggs are ready.

This egg boiler consist of a stainless steel lid, egg tray and poacher. It need 800W electric power to boil the eggs.


How To Use?

The key to cooking perfect eggs is timing! The Swan egg boiler & poacher uses pre-measured amounts of water as a timing mechanism to ensure your eggs are cooked eggsactly as you like them.

So the measuring cup is very important here. If you look carefully you will see various graduations on the side of the measuring cup, depending on the number of eggs you are cooking and whether you prefer hard or soft eggs.

This is fairly accurate but because eggs come in lots of different sizes, there may be a little bit of variation in results.

So let’s begin

  1. Fill the measuring cup with the required amount of water
  2. Pour the water into the aluminium tray
  3. Place your eggs on the egg rack
  4. Put the lid on
  5. Switch on the egg boiler

The water will heat up, then boil and evaporate. The egg boiler detects when the water has boiled away and a buzzer will sound. This indicates that the eggs have finished cooking.


So easy isn’t it?

Using the poacher is essentially the same process, but it is best to line the poacher with butter or oil before breaking the eggs into it.

When cooking simply put the egg poacher where the egg rack would go (it just sits on the aluminium tray) Adjustments to cooking time The rule is, the more water you use – the longer the cooking time.

So if you prefer your eggs more runny, use less water. If you want them firmer or hard boiled, use more water.

Take extra care when removing the egg tray or poacher accessory after cooking. It will be HOT!

The Egg Boiler And Poacher is sold for £34.99 however you can get it for cheaper price at iwantoneofthose website, they are selling it for £14.99. So you save £20.00.