Swiss+Tech BGCS81 BodyGard Survivor Self-Powered Radio with Emergency Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter

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The Swiss+Tech BodyGard 8-in-1 Auto Emergency Device is designed for emergency use such as after accident vehicle doors, windows, or seat belts sometime fail to operate due to damage, submersion, or fire. This tool should be a must-have device for every driver who cares about their lives and their passengers.


The Swiss+Tech BGCS81 BodyGard 8-in-1 Auto Emergency Device consists of a self-charging hand crank anti-slip grip power section, emergency flasher, a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, siren, LED flashlight, AM and FM radio, air conditioning charging input, On and Off switch and self-standing magnetic base.


With this emergency device, you can break outside window glass instantly, slashes through inoperable seatbelts quickly and safely. While the LED flashlight can be used for flashes, an emergency Signal and a piercing siren to signal for help. So don’t get caught unprepared.

If you need Swiss+Tech BGCS81 BodyGard 8-in-1 Auto Emergency Device, you can buy it from for $10.47.