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Lenovo LePad Coming To US Next Year

If you remember, we were talking about Lenovo LePad shipment in China in the last July 2010 for this year’s end. However, the product haven’t debut yet until today. The latest news that we have obtained via Engadget has a new information about this Lenovo LePad. It said that this LePad will be coming to [...]

ONN OPad N2 Android Tablet

Do you know where to find a cheap tablet if you can’t afford to buy the coolest (yet the most expensive!) Samsung galaxy tab? Go to China. They’ll have what you need. Well, the latest cheap Android tablet has been rolled out and dubbed as ONN OPad N2. Of course, since it’s cheap, you won’t [...]

Nationite RockTab: The Budget-Friendly Tablet PC

Nationite presenting their RockTab, an Android Tablet PC that would cost $170 at max. It’s certainly a cheap tablet to get, but that price has come with a lower rated specification. It’s an equivalent trade anyways… So what will you find on The RockTab Android tablet? 600Mhz Rockchip RK2808 processor, 128MB RAM, 7-inch screen and [...]

Disgo Tablet 6000 – Budget Tablet Under $300

Most tablet PCs that we have covered up until now is not a type of technology that you can purchase easily. Beside it has the luxurious edge, the price also ‘amazing’ that will make hole on most budget limited buyers’ pocket. Well, except you are looking at the clone made in China, it’s very rare [...]

Toshiba Android Tablet PC Available in Sepember or October This Year

Toshiba is going to release a new 10-inch tablet some time in September or October 2010. According to Digitimes this new tablet PC is runs with Android operating system and comes with Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.

Dell Streak Hit US on Friday – $299.99 (2-year Contract) With AT&T

Dell Streak Tablet PC which was first said to launch on the late July has missed the schedule. However, the latest news that we have obtained so far is stating that Dell Streak is going to be on the shelf on this Friday the 13th, 2010.

Verizon and Google Develope a New Android Tablet Computer

Verizon Wireless and the giant search engine Google inc. has in talks to develop a new tablet computer which will be a new rivals for Apple iPad.

Aigo N700 Tablet PC With Price at $300

Aigo the Chinese based IT company has back with its new tablet PC called N700. The Aigo N700 comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display, NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 graphics chipset, and 1GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor.