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i-Con the iPad Docking Station with Size of a Bed

i-Con Bed is the world’s first bed designed to work with your Apple’s tablet, the iPad. The i-Con Bed comes in two built-in iPad  Docking station with four built-in speakers and 250 watt amplifier, all come in a modern and stylish design.

Apple Tablet Officially with Name Apple iPad

Finally, Apple has officially announced their tablet computer with it’s official name the Apple iPad. As you known beffore the official the Apple tablet computer is rumors as iSlate.

Apple iSlate Tablet Rumors Continue

Although Apple has not making any official announcement but many out-here already said that upcoming Apple Tablet will be given name “iSlate“.

Rumors and Concept of Future Apple Tablet

According to Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner the tablet computer apple Inc is rumored to be working and will be launching on Q1 or Q2 next year. The Upcoming Apple tablet will be across between a notebook and an  iPhone/iPod Touch and most likely it will comes with a 10.1-inch touch sensitve LCD screen display as [...]

Apple 10″ Tablet come in 2010

Rumors is always interesting to followed and this time rumors came from Apple. Rumors said that Apple company are planning to launched the new Apple Tablet and  it’s was set to launched in 2010.