BMW Introduces BMW i3 Concept a New Electric Vehicle

BMW has back with introducing its latest concept vehicle called BMW i3 Concept. This electric vehicle is designed for use at urban area to meet the demands of sustainable and emission-free mobility. It comes in light, safe, spacious and dynamic design.

BMW i3 and BMW i8 Car Concept Show at LA Auto Show This Week

Back on February this year, BMW has announced its upcoming i series cars. According to the company, their upcoming i series cars will be focused on low-emission vehicle. And recently, BMW has back with scheduled to show its i series concept cars, the BMW i3 and BMW i8 at LA Auto Show in North America this [...]

Mini BMW Car Shaped Spy Video Camera for $39

There is a mini spy video camera come in a BMW car shape. This mini BMW Car comes with a built-in spy camera that using motion and sound detection function to record every event that cause loudness louder than 65db. When detected the build-in video camera will starting to record for three minutes then it [...]

New BMW Comes With Integrated iPad Dock

BMW has adding a new technology device to its vehicle, this time they are choosing iPad as they new technology accessories. The iPad presented a new amusement for rear seat passengers that not just provide movie, television and playing games as ordinary rear seat entertainment devices but also for surfing, social networking and many more.

BMW Scooter C1, Design call “Do-Over”

BMW seem want to make scooter market more merrier with planning to launching a new scooter, which BMW call it “Do-Over” on scooter design and it’s also known as C1. This new look design is combining the cars and motorcycle spectacularly. The Do-Over was package with latest and greatest of safety performance technologies for the [...]