Digital Audio Recorder

Sanyo ICR-PS401RM Xacti Digital Audio Recorder

Recently, Sanyo has announced their new Xacti digital audio recorder codenamed ICR-PS401RM in Japan. This new digital audio recorder is featuring the ability to adjust the noise sensitivity with a newly developed high-performance stereo microphones found at the top side’s corners. This Sanyo ICR-PS401RM Xacti Digital Audio Recorder can record in linear PCM of up [...]

Kenwood Media Keg Digital Audio Recorder

Kenwood has comes with their latest audio recorder, the Kenwood Media Keg MGR-E8 Digital Audio Recorder. This Digital Audio Recorder able to record 96kHz/24bit linear PCM audio, which is higher than the CD quality. It has three microphones (two omni-directional and one directional).

H4 Digital Audio Recorder

The H4 Digital Audio Recorder it’s not just ordinary Audio recorder, when you find out how H4 Digital Audio Recorder amazing capability you will love this recorder more than others that you are already have. With this device size you will feel free to take it out to every where you love.