e-ink reader

ASUS Roll Out Eee Note EA800 eBook Reader

After rolling out their ASUS DR-900 eBook Reader, ASUS has listed another new notepad/e-book reader. This new ebook reader is dubbed as Eee Note EA800, an ebook reader that has 8-inch screen supporting 768 x 1024p, 64-grayscale mode, has 2MP camera and 4GB internal memory.

Nook 2 and Nook Lite e-ink Reader

Barnes & Noble which has released their first e-ink reader 6 month ago, now has back with announced their upcoming e-reader called Nook 2 and Nook Lite with Wi-Fi support. Both Nook 2 and Nook Lite will be available later this year, however the software update will be released around next week.