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Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02 eBook Reader: The First eReader With Built-in Solar Panel

Through Japanese mobile carrier KDDI, Toshiba has slipped through a new product to the Japanese market. Dubbed as Toshiba Biblio Leaf SP02, this is the first ebook reader to come with built-in solar panel to generate green energy from the Sun. There is no further mention on how we can make use of the solar [...]

BenQ Unleashes nReader K61 e-Book Reader

BenQ has really getting serious with their e-book reader business. After their first launch of nReader R100 and nReader K60, BenQ has released another new series of nReader ebook reader called K61, which is the successor of K60 series. The nReader K61 e-book reader can be used to read ePub, PDF, HTML, TXT, DOC, EBI [...]

Literati Color eBook Reader Approved By FCC, Start Shipping Soon In US

The Sharper Image Literati Color ebook reader which has popped up several months ago has finally approved by FCC. So what this mean to the Literati color ebook reader is that the device is going to invade the US stores very soon. The Literati ebook reader featuring interesting colorful display with QWERTY keyboard, which looks [...]

Sharp Announces Galapagos e-Book Reader

Sharp corporation has announces to launch two new e-reader device called Galapagos, the Galapagos e-reader come in two models, the mobile type 5.5-inch LCD screen that allow you read like a paperback book and the home type 10.8-inch high resolution HD LCD that allows you to enjoy magazines formatted across a two-page spread.

iRiver Introduce Cover Story the iRiver Story Touch Edition

After releasing iRiver Story e-Book Reader, iRiver has back with their latest e-book reader, the iRiver Story Touch Edition with named Cover Story. The Cover Story come with 6-inch e-Ink Display with 600 x 800 resolution and input method using finger touch or stylus pen.

Sony PRS-650 and PRS-350 e-Book Reader

There is a new rumors about upcoming e-Book reader from Sony, since this is just a rumors the releasing date and pricing are still unclear. However, the rumors said the new Sony e-Book reader will be released in two models, the PRS-650 and PRS-350.

ASUS Readies 8-inch 64-grayscale e-book Reader

Recently DigiTimes reported that ASUS is currently preparing to launch their new 8-inch 64-grayscale TFT-LCD ebook reader on this October 2010 for US$599 or below. This is quite a high price that you have to pay for a grayscale ebook reader – consider Kindle is now $139 only and Tablet Device is getting cheaper and [...]

Copia Introduce 5-inch $99 e-Book Reader

Copia, the company who introduce ‘Social Reading’ has announced a new ebook reader is going to crush its competition for real. The ebook reader has 5-inch e-ink screen and it’s going to cost users a handy $99 only!

Gemei Introduces GM2000 Colors e-Book Reader

We have saw a color e-book reader from China Zhi Qi R7 in earlier April this year and recently another colors e-book reader has been introduces in the China market, the GM2000 from Gemei ( 歌 美 ).

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