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Arcam rCube Introduces Portable High-end iPod, iPhone and iPad Sound System

Arcam designs and manufactures award winning Hi-fi home cinema equipment have introduced their latest rCube portable high-end iPod/iPhone/iPad sound system. The rCube portable high-end sound system come in nice looking design with offers a hi-fidelity sound. With its portable cube design 200 x 200 x 200mm and 5 kg of weight allow you to take [...]

Memorex MI2601P TagAlong Portable Boombox for iPod and iPhone

If you are planning to picnic with your family don’t forget with this new sound system called TagAlong Portable iPod Speaker System. This new Speaker system allow you to take it while on the go. This device is designed for portability, TagAlong brings music to parties, picnics and around the home. TagAlong Portable iPod Speaker [...]

Jarre AeroSystem One Audio System

Jarre AeroSystem One is a new audio system for pairing with your iPod or iPhone. This new audio system can play all digital Audio formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA and ..etc. It comes with an integrated USB 2.0 port, as well as a mini-jack port offering the possibility to connect the system to a [...]

Yamaha Introduces iPhone Speaker System at IFA 2010

Yamaha has introduced its latest iPhone Speaker system the TSX-140 at Berlin Trade Show IFA 2010. This speaker system comes with a Desktop Audio system, 2 x 15W speakers, USB and iPod Dock, touch-smart control, and iTune synchronization.