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Sony Walkman NWZ-S544 MP3 Player

When you are on travel you can enjoy your favorite music with Sony Walkman NWZ-S544 series 8GB Video MP3 player. This Walkman support, an FM radio, voice recording, and more. It comes in a slim and pocket design that allow you to take it anywhere as you like.

MP4Nation Offering Nationite NaNite N2 for $79.50

MP4nation offering a product called Nationite NaNite N2 4GB + Brainwavz ProAlpha, the Nationite NaNite N2 is the second generation in the NaNite MP3 player line, the device incorporates the MAX9722 headphone amplifier chip, which helps to drive even the most demanding of headphones, but without sacrificing audio quality.

Kenwood Announces MG-G508 Digital Audio Player

Kenwood one of the best MP3 player maker in Japan, has recently announced its new Digital Audio Player (MP3 player) called the MG-G508. The Kenwood MG-G508 new Digital Audio Player support by 3 language, Chinese, English, and Japanese.

UwaterG2 the World Smallest Waterproof MP3 Player

Here is another mini device, this time is a MP3 player called UwaterG2. This tiny MP3 player is claims to be the world’s smallest waterproof MP3 player with waterproof capability.

Cowon Announces D3 Plenue Portable Media Player

Cowon has announced its new portable media player called D3 Plenue. The D3 Plenue media player comes with Full HD 1080p video playback, a 3.7-inch 16M color AMOLED display (800 x 400), and it Runs Android 2.1 Operating system.

Iriver Introduces iPet a Cute MP3 Player

iPet is a new MP3 player from Iriver. According to the company this new MP3 player will be available soon in China market. The iPet is come in cute design, most likely a cute puppy or tiny dog.

Teac SL-D920 Old-fashioned Radio CD Player

The fifty-seven years Tokyo electronics company, the Teac, has starting selling the old-fashioned radio CD player called SL-D920.

Walnut MP3 Player by YuKwang Kang

YuKwang Kang has come with a new idea of music player, he called it Walnut Player. The walnut Player is inspired by walnut roll, many people roll walnuts for their health and some time for fun. In YuKwang Kang hands the rolling walnut activities is developed into an MP3 player, so its spin for health [...]

AAXA Technologies P1 Jr. Pico Projector with MP4 and MP3 Player

AAXA Technologies the developer and distributor of micro and pico projectors has adding a new projector to their product list, the P1 Jr. Pico Projector. The P1 Jr. Pico Projector also known as the world’s smallest LCOS pico projector (palm size) and it equipped with an MP4 and MP3 player.

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