Triton Three Wheel Recumbent Cruiser Bike

Triton is a three-wheel recumbent cruiser that designed both for children and adults. It comes with a unique steering mechanism and low-to-the-ground chassis, not only provides fun and enjoyable to steer, but also easy to ride. It uses a dual-joystick steering system, and free-wheel mechanism offers smooth maneuverability and gentle wrist, elbow and hand pressure [...]

Hanvon Releases E-Ink Triton Color eBook Reader

Kindle and Nook has been beaten by Chinese manufacturer in term of display technology because they’ve just outed their new color e-ink reader called Hanvon Triton E-Ink. Hanvon, the company that create this display is trying to challenge other e-ink ebook readers by launching their first 9.7-inch color ebook reader, which has been long waited [...]