Xbox 360 Accessories

XIM3 Controller Adds Keyboard and Mouse To Xbox 360 Console

Play FPS games on console is really not an enjoyable experience, at least it’s not as good as on PC that has dedicated keyboard and mouse. Beside there it’s hard to aim and move, there is some type of learning curve for PC gamers that want to play FPS games on console. Well, If you [...]

Microsoft Kinect: Hacked To Work With Open Source Drivers

Just launched last week, and it’s now been hacked by a cool hacker Hector Martin from Europe. The hack has unlocked the capability of letting Microsoft Kinect to run under Linux open source drivers with support for RGB input and depth sensing using a custom open source driver.

Microsoft Kinect Is Selling Out Fast – Their 500 Millions Marketing Pays Off!

You guess what, just like Move, Microsoft Kinect is selling out fast even it’s just on sale from last week November 4th. That’s mean Microsoft’s efforts to market their new toys with 500 millions of fund proved to be useful. However, I’m not sure if they are going to use the Kinect’s sales profit to [...]

Microsoft Kinect Will Hit UK On November 10th, 2010

As what you have been expected from the beginning, the US dwellers will be able to get the new Microsoft controller – Kinect on November 4th, 2010. However, at the UK side, Microsoft Kinect is going to roll out for the market on the next 5 days after the device has been launched in the [...]

Inside of Microsoft Kinect

Ever curious of the inside view of Microsoft Kinect? Now your wish has been granted! Microsoft invite the T3 geeks to show how Kinect really works, and it appears Microsoft Kinect has three distinctive parts to track our movement. First is the movement tracking sensor, second is the voice recognition sensor, and third, the motor [...]