Tata Develop AirPod the Tiny Air-powered Prototype Car

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We have seen many alternative cars to replace current fuel vehicles such as electric vehicle (EV), biodisel, hydrogen and solar-powered car. However, the India car manufacturer “Tata Motors” came with its new concept vehicle called the AirPod.

The AirPod car runs on compress air, such as their previous Mini Cat Air car that said to be released in this month with a price at $8,200. AirPod three seat air compressed vehicle is uses compressed air and is capable of drawing in air from the surroundings to keep the machine runs.

A compressed air car engine works in a way similar to the internal combustion version: Fuel forces pistons to turn a crankshaft and power the car. The difference is that in a compressed air engine, the pistons are moved by air and not gasoline.

The only problem is power. Air compression alone only gets a car moving to about 30 to 35 miles per hour. So to supplement that, the car could take in more air as it moves faster, using an onboard air compressor. The air compressor could be electric or, more likely, gasoline-powered. But even that would reduce emissions a lot, since the gasoline engine wouldn’t be running at lower speeds.

With the development of Tata AirPod air compressed vehicle, its mean peoples are given another option in driving an eco-friendly car.

[ Via Theverge ]