Teac LP-R550USB CD Recorder with Cassette Turntable

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Teac LP-R550USB is a full audio and dubbing system that’s combined cassette player, CD recorder, turntable, and AM/FM tuner into one compact design. This device allowed you to preserve classic vinyl records and cassette tapes by recording them to audio CDs or converting the songs to MP3 files.

Teac LP-R550USB comes with a pair of built-in speakers makes it as a perfect music desktop music system both for home or office. It has a USB port, an audio input and output to connect to your computer, record albums, CDs radio or cassette to your Mac or Windows software, and add the files to your music library to bring along anywhere.

For easy control the Teac LP-R550USB it comes with a remote control. This machine also has a headphone output for enjoying your favorite music privately. It gives you flexibility between recording and listening to your vinyl collection.

If you need one, you can buy it from Amazon.com for $340 per unit.