The 6 Best Samsung Gear VR Free Games and Apps

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If you like to play Virtual Reality (VR) Games but still confuse which are the best and free to start your adventure, then try these 6 best Samsung Gear VR Free games and apps.

1. VR Jam – Colosse: A Story In Virtual Reality

2. Oculus Arcade Gear VR Games

3. The Night Cafe – An Immersive VR Tribute to Vincent van Gogh

The Night Cafe is an immersive VR environment that allows you to explore the world of Vincent van Gogh first hand. Take a moment to enjoy his iconic sunflowers in 3 dimensions or walk around the chair he painted in his bedroom to see it from another angle. Step into the vivid colors straight from his palette.

4. GONE (VR)

5. A 360° Preview of Vrse

Vrse now it called Within is setting the standard, gives you experimental short films, music videos, and captivating short documentaries. While you enjoy the film you also given an ability to see surrounding area in the video by pressing the left, right, up and down button.

6. Smash Hit VR trailer

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