The Electric Gyroboard Transporter

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The Electric Gyroboard Transporter

The Electric Gyroboard Transporter

In this new era we were given a lot of choices for transportation as example; bike, motorcycles, cars, planes, and more. And one of the unique transporter is Electric Gyroboard.

This transporter powered by two electric motors that can speed up to 6 mph on flat ground. According to Hammacher Schlemmer, this electric Gyroboard can climb up to 15° inclines at slower speeds.

This electric transporter is equipped with Gyro sensors and acceleremeters in both wheels that enable the device to detect the slightest pressure of the rider’s feet.

How to use it?

With simply pressing down with the toes of both feet propels the transporter forward and leaning on your heels stops the device or initiates backward movement. Pressing with one foot turns the transporter in that direction and even allows up to 360° spins.

The rider’s balance is easily maintained even while stopped by the internal gyro stabilization and the transporter’s wide wheel base that allows feet to remain shoulder-width apart.

This Electric Gyroboard Transporter supports up to 225 lbs. And it  can travels up to 4 miles after a one-hour charge via the included AC adapter.  Dimension of 21″ L x 7″ H x 7″ D. 9 lbs. Price 995.95.

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