The Levitating Lamp

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If you are looking for a unique lamp designs for your home or office, Levitating lamp will be a perfect choice for you. This desk lamp comes with a rotating shade that floats in mid-air above its base.

With this lamp in your office desk or home living room will make your visitors and friends amaze and wonder.

Levitating Lamp

Levitating Lamp

This modern desk lamp is using a magnet tucked into the lampshade is repelled by electromagnetic coils in the lamp’s base, a powerful opposing force that causes the shade to levitate.

The Levitating lamp comes with computerized coils that make 1,000 adjustments per second to ensure the shade stays up right, even when bumped, while the swirling pattern accentuates the natural spinning motion caused by air currents.

Other than levitating this desk lamp also has nine bright white LED bulbs. Six that shine upward into the shade and three shine downward to provide accent lighting for the brushed chrome stand. These lights are controlled by two buttons located under the base.

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Priced: $128.99 each unit.