The Wave Sport Project 54cx Limited Edition

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If we are talking about kayak we are also talking the speed too. On kayak race the speed is the most important of all. One of the speed factors is the materials of kayak its self. The Wave Sport Project 54cx  is a combination of lightweight carbon kevlar and carbon fiberglass components which keeps it lighweight and strong which drastically improve performance and maneuverability.


The lighter of your kayak, the higher you can go, so instead of conventional polyethylene plastic, Wave Sport turned to composite materials for its 54 Cx kayak.

The first prototype, a pure carbon-fiber model, weighed just 19 pounds (about 15 pounds less than a plastic kayak) and was easier to maneuver, thanks to the rigid frame. But it proved no match for river rocks, which cracked the hull. In three subsequent prototypes, Wave Sport added Kevlar strips to reinforce the parts of the kayak that take the most abuse. The resulting six-foot-two-inch boat — the first carbon-fiber freestyle kayak made in the U.S. — weighs a bantam 20 pounds but is sturdy enough to survive a hotdog paddler’s acrobatics.


The Wave Sport Poject 54cx even been called the Carbon Fiber Future of Whitewater Kayaking.This Wave Sport project 54cx limited edition will be made 50 unit only with unit price for $2,495.00 you can purchase it at coloradokayak site.

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