Three Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

In Kitchen Gadgets


Hammacher has back with introducing their latest electric knife sharpener. This device has been tested by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute and claimed as one of the best rating electric sharpener.

According to Hammacher, the Best model ground edges that chopped spaghetti squash with little effort and sliced smoothly through sheets of paper, unlike lesser sharpeners that created edges that required great force to penetrate squash and cut paper into ragged pieces.

This electric sharpener has three-stage, they uses 100% diamond abrasives, hardened steel, and flexible stropping discs to grind and polish an edge and restore its original sharpness in only 10 seconds.

It also comes with built-in magnet that catches the knife blade shaving for easy cleanup and this sharpener uses elastomeric guides to ensure knife are kept at the proper angle for optimal sharpening. According to Hammacher this model is one of the quietest models they have.

You can have one in your kitchen for $219.95 each unit. It backed by Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee at no additional charge.